As an organization, Empowerment Research, LLC utilizes a participatory approach to its curriculum development and education work and has done so since the original sole proprietorship was established in Arizona in 1984 under our former name, Wattle and Daub. Our approach to the development and delivery of training and educational programs combines strong empirical strategies (e.g. epidemiologic review, secondary data analysis, current literature review, standard formative evaluation methodswith engaging interactions among targeted community members (e.g., client interviews, focus groups, target audience interviews, organizational report reviewsto create meaningful and relevant curricula and educational experiences tailored to the client’s desired outcomes, programmatic needs, and available resources.

Excellent Course!

Excellent course. Much of the information is relatable to clients suffering from PTSD, especially the section on working memory.

Course attended: Intersection of Domestic Violence & Brain Injury.

Art Psychotherapist
I absolutely love Dr. Wolf and Tiffany Wilkinson. They make a wonderful team and always made me feel welcome each time!

Course attended: Transition to Adulthood in a Post-COVID World – Training for Professionals

Rehabilitation Counselor for the Deaf

Thank You!

Thank you for offering these wonderful programs. I did one of your courses in person years ago and it changed my life. Per your advice, I went to a doctor for head injuries which happened over a decade prior, and finally got help for issues I was dealing with and never understood. I am so grateful for the work you do and the resources you offer. I really do feel empowered and have been working to help others myself. I am definitely going to recommend your courses to my co-workers, who all work with special needs children in a therapeutic riding program. Thank you again.

Course attended: Intersection of Domestic Violence & Brain Injury

Equine-Assisted Learning/Psychotherapy Facilitator

Absolutely Stimulating!

Absolutely stimulating and encouraging from the very start. Great depth of the audience and the extent to delve into some relevant aspects while consistently bringing it back to what they do in their practice. An incredible wealth of information and excellent skills at presenting the information in a meaningful way for the learner.

Course attended: TBI 101 “Can’t You See Me?” – TBI the Invisible Disability

Thank you for these webinars; they truly make a difference and at least for myself, it added to my limited knowledge of brain injury and how it really does apply to my field of profession.

Course attended: TBI 202 “All About the A’s” – Assets, Assessments, and Analysis of Behavior

Special Education Teacher

Thank You!

Very difficult subject matter discussed and presented, but the consistent acts of normalizing talking about it are appreciated and respected. Thank you!

Course attended: Abusive Head Trauma and Neglect

Agency/Community Personnel

Top-Notch Instructors

Thank you for providing this training in a low-stress environment with top-notch instructors!

Course attended: TBI 606 – Brain Injury and Social-Emotional Development.

Nurse Educator/CHW/DCW Instructor
Continue implementing more programs to enhance professionalism.

Course attended: TBI 606 – Early Interruptions on Neurodevelopment & Behavior.

General Education Teacher
Thank you for these webinars, they truly opened my eyes to a different side of disabilities.

Course attended: TBI 101 “Can’t You See Me?” – TBI the Invisible Disability

Special Education Teacher

Enriching Professional Development

Thanks for such an enriching PD class! It was well-designed and implemented. It was also great to have John’s expertise on suicide and depression.

Course attended: TBI 505 Bump or a Bleed… And Where It Can Lead…

Special Education Teacher

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