Dr. Wolf received an Honors BA in Psychology with a minor in Secondary Education from Marquette University in 1977. She is a Master’s-prepared school psychologist and received her PhD in Educational Psychology from Arizona State University in 1987 with an emphasis on quantitative methods (statistics) and community-based research.  She has attained two post-doctoral certificates, one in “Adult Learning and Participatory Methods” and another in “Global Community Development”. Both certificates were for post-graduate work completed at the Coady Institute, St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada, including field research and GIS mapping with the Mi’kmaq First Nations community in 2000.


Having secured over $5.8 million in grant awards and contracts over the last 30 years, Dr. Wolf has a stellar track record as a grant writer and collaborative grant partner. Specific interests of the client are the cornerstone of our work, whether it be in education, evaluation, professional development or program-specific technical assistance.

Our approach is based on 30 years of delivering high-quality products and training events as evidenced by long-standing clients who are satisfied with our products and services.

For all projects, Dr. Wolf, Educational Psychologist and Public Health Consultant; engages clients through an interactive, collaborative Five-phase Educational Development Process. This process includes: (1) project definition, (2) development of educational content, (3) content production, (4) educational presentation, and (5) evaluation.