Empowerment Research, LLC has partnerships with the Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona Governor’s Council on Spinal and Head Injuries to provide training and education to the public. These courses are offered under contract and are available to any professional, community member, or interested individual to attend, especially those who reside in Arizona . Below you will find a list of our current training courses that are available this FY24 training calendar year.

Courses are launched throughout the year. Please visit our Event Page for a complete list and open registrations.

  • TBI 101 – “Can’t You See Me?” – Introduction to Brain Injury
  • TBI 202 – “All About The A’s” – Assets, Assessments, and Analysis of Behavior after Neuroimpairment 
  • TBI 303 – “Contemporary Issues” – Executive Function and Implications for Transition
  • TBI 404 – “It’s Not Just Academics!” – Cognitive Interventions after Brain Injury 
  • TBI 505 – “Bump or a Bleed and Where It Can Lead” – Co-morbid Conditions after Injury or Neuroimpairment
  • TBI 606 – Abusive Head Trauma and Neglect
  • “Invisible Scars” – Intersection of Domestic Violence and Brain Injury
  • Special events for National Concussion Awareness Day in September

Our events for the new 2023-2024 training calendar have been launched on the event page!

Head over to our event page to sign up today!